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Ab Scissor By Body By Jake - 5 Payments
Ab Scissor Free Shipping With 1 Payment
Amazing Profits By John Beck - Program On Books
American Legacy Guitar By Esteban - 1 Payment
American Legacy Guitar By Esteban - 3 Payments
Avacor Hair Care For Men
Body by Jake Total Body Trainer
Bun And Thigh Roller
Cortislim - Buy 2 Bottles Get 1 Free
Grip N Flip
GT Xpress 101
Huggable Hangers
Ionic Breeze Quadra Air Purifier
Jeff Paul System
Juiceman II
Propolene™ - 2 Bottles + Free Rush Shipping
Super 8 Air Purifier - black
Super 8 Air Purifier - Wood
Urban Rebounding




House cleaning has never been easier until now. Cordless Robomaid cleans silently through all your floors picking up dust, dirt, hair and lint. Robomaid uses electrostatic pads to wipe your floor such as ceramic tile, marble, hardwood, or linoleum. It does the same job as a vacuum cleaner.It has a sensor to detect walls which allows it to work smart and efficient. Robomaid is also programmable just set the desired time and at the end it will shut off automatically. Product includes: Robomaid. ADDITIONAL COST OF $29.62 S&H WILL BE APPLIED TO ALL CANADIAN ORDERS.

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping address must match the address on your credit card statement or your order cannot be processed for Robomaid.


only 1 payment of $19.99
plus $9.95 shipping and handling

30 Day Money Back Guarantee (less S&H)


Always read and follow manufacturer's directions that come with this product
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